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Daily sacred rituals for resilience and healing

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Private Yoga | Wellness Coaching

Support your wellness journey with personalized yoga practices that follow the 8 limbs of yoga to fit your specific needs and desires. Perfect for those who are new to yoga and want to gain confidence in group yoga classes and for those who want to dive deeper into their existing personal practice. In-person & Online options available.

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What are daily sacred rituals?

Your daily sacred rituals could be as simple as how you place your feet on the ground as you roll out of bed, the steps you take to create your morning cup of coffee or the way in which you allow the warm water from the shower to run over your sleepy head. It's all in how we place our intention. 

Following the rhythm of the moon in all her fullness and the new energy that comes with her darkness. Syncing our own natural cycle to the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Journaling and moving through our emotions with yoga postures, pranayama and sitting in silent meditation - even if only for a few moments. These are gifts we give our Selves.

This is how we fill our cup. Drip by drip. 

Sacred rituals do not have to be grand to be effective but I do believe that making these small shifts in how we approach our movements and mindset throughout the day, allows more space for grander gestures. 

Who knows, you may even find yourself drawing a bath one night by candlelight with a good book in hand. 

You deserve this sister. 

Chill Pill EO

I honestly don't know what I would do without my Chill Pill roller. Everytime I wear it, it immediately calms my nerves. Perfect for work and dealing with day to day tasks of being a mama to 2 very busy boys! 

Jodi, Lafayette IN

Group Yoga

As a teacher, Stephanie makes the environment very welcoming for the inexperienced to the experienced. I think many people may shy away from classes anywhere because they feel self conscious and she makes every effort to eliminate that feeling people may have while taking her classes!!

Jessica, Lafayette IN

Private Wellness + Yoga Sessions

I have always felt Self Conscious about walking into a yoga studio and I knew that I needed more assistance with daily practices than just my physical practice. Stephanie went above and beyond my expectations. She met me exactly where I was and together, I was able to overcome chronic pain, find peace within my every day and feel more in control of my wellbeing. 

Hannah, Indianapolis IN

Group Yoga

Stephanie is thorough and patient, kind and generous. She makes it a good experience for all and makes you feel very comfortable, no matter your level of experience or limitations.

David, Lafayette IN

Online Yoga

Stephanie’s ZOOM yoga session was peaceful and centering during this confusing time of COVID19. It was heartwarming to share this experience with others even though we are physically apart.

Ally, Lafayette IN

Beauty + Magick

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